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    Good day,

    I just reset the registry and set my display parameters.

    Display Reg :

    Log Output:

    Good day,

    I have now set the type parameter as value in my Mode key, but still have the same problem. --> A White screen at startup followed by a black screen.

    So the PicoMODA9 does not need any references to any drivers like the PicoMOD7A?

    Or is this entry just missing?

    Where there any changes to the registry keys in the switch from PM7A to PMA9? For example the already exsisting CAN- and I2C-drivers seem to have slightly different keys than before. PMA9 has a I2C key already exsisting, which should in theory be I2C1(shouldn't it?) Same with the CAN-driver key.

    Is there a possibility that a changed key might interfere with my hardware and therefore the display?

    best regards

    Good day,

    thank you for the quick help, but I am still not able to drive the RGB display.

    After comparing the registry values under Drivers\Display\LCD between PM7A and PMA9 I saw that the PMA9 has some values less than the PM7A.

    For example there is no mentioning of the Display drivers like it used to be on the PM7A.

    Is that as it should be? Or do I need to add the display driver manually?



    Best regards

    Good day,

    Currently I am testing a PicoMODA9_V2_WEC7.

    Since it should be pin compatible with the PicoMOD7A, I plugged it into the hardware currently used with said PM7A (WCE6).

    We are using an "Ampire AM800480E2TMQW" as display and it is working fine with the PM7A, but with the PMA9 I only get a white display at startup, which than switches over to black.

    Are there any registry settings that may differ between PM7A and PMA9?

    The registry used for the display settings is as follows:

    I already added a line for the OutputDevice setting, since I figured the PMA9 might try to use the LVDS instead of the RGB.

    I would like to ask you about any hints, what might be the problem.

    Best regards