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    Is ssh supported on Windows CE? I see that the BSP contains the SSH tool: in the catalog items view under ThirdParty -> F&S -> Tools there is SSH-SSL-SMTP entry, but I cannot activate it. Clicking on it results in a red cross, which indicates that this item is excluded from the OS design..

    Thank you for the support.


    I tried the memcfg program on an Armstone A9 board. The program works but only reductions of the standard storage size are accepted, not increases.
    The board is configured with approx. 132 MB storage size and approx. 840 MB program memory (from which 190 MB is in use).

    After recompilation of the memcfg program, and adding some debug statements the SetSystemMemoryDivision() routine does not return any error (return code 0).

    Why can I not increase the storage size on the Armstone A9?


    I configured GPIO pins 12 and 14 on the Armstone A9 as GPIO inputs, and disabled the SPI (Flags = 4).

    "FriendlyName"="Digital I/O driver for iMX6"

    However, measuring the levels on 12 and 14 (both through software and from an oscilloscope), I get a high level. Strange enough, the level of pin 14 is about 2.2 V, while the level of pin 12 is 3.3V.

    Could it be that the SPI driver is still interfering with these GPIO pins?

    I have following firmware:
    Eboot: v 1.20
    Nboot: PVN26
    Kernel: V1.80 - Build Dec 17 2015


    Didier Guillemyn


    I seem to have the same problem. COM1: till COM3: are defined with the configuration as in the first post of this thread (although with my config COM1: and COM2: are swapped) but not able to communicate with COM2: I can communicate with COM1: (debug port though).

    I'm using the kernel released Mar 2015. Can you confirm this bug is resolved in this release? Or is this still considered as a bug?

    Thank you for your response,


    Didier Guillemyn.