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    Hello .
    Reading other tread I found some info for modify the parameter for special LCD.
    I Modify mvf_dcu.c and set new mode default .
    I have a perfect configuration working under windows compact , but under linux the parameter are lessen.
    this are working setting under microsoft enviroment.
    reg open \drivers\display\lcd
    reg create key mode102
    reg set value name string "1280120"
    reg set value EFW dword 3
    reg set value BFW dword 3
    reg set value msignal dword 2
    reg set value rows dword 120
    reg set value LPP dword 120
    reg set value width dword 115
    reg set value height dword 86
    reg set value contrastenable dword 0
    reg set value contrastvalue dword 0
    reg set value type dword 6
    reg set value config dword 0x0300000
    reg set value columns dword 1280
    reg set value PPL dword 1280
    reg set value HSW dword 3
    reg set value bpp dword 16
    reg set value lcdclk dword 11
    reg set value VSW dword 3
    reg set value BLW dword 54
    reg set value ELW dword 54
    reg set value EnableCursor dword 1
    reg set val I2CDeviceAddress dword 192
    reg set val I2CDevice string "I2C3:"
    reg set val Index dword 1
    reg set val PWMChannel dword 1
    reg set val PWRConChannel dword 0
    reg set val RotateChannel dword 2
    reg set val ExtDll string "ASTADPEDT1.dll"
    reg set val Prefix string ASTADPEDT1
    reg set val hDutyCycle dword 80
    reg set val PWMDevice string AstADPEP1
    display mode set 102
    reg save
    On Linux I set this mode.
    .name = "1280x128",
    .xres = 1280,
    .yres = 128,
    .left_margin = 150,
    .right_margin = 150,
    .upper_margin = 13,
    .lower_margin = 20,
    .hsync_len = 20,
    .vsync_len = 2,
    .sync = FB_SYNC_COMP_HIGH_ACT,
    This partial work ( color are no good )
    But is no good.
    Can you help me? There are table for mapping the configuration of display.

    Thank for your replay but
    I bought a NetDCUA5 card and I was hoping to have the correct tools in the download section!
    Is there a virtual machine 21 already configured and working?
    I lost many time to try to use this board!.

    Hello I download the virtual machine from my area ( FEDORA 23 ) .
    I Extract the archive fsvybrid-V2.2.tar and extract source
    When I go to Kernel source fonder and try to make a new kernel ( no mod for start).

    1. make fsvybrid_defconfig
    2. make uImage

    Obtain the following error.

    1. CC kernel/itimer.o
    2. TIMEC kernel/timeconst.h
    3. Can't use 'defined(@array)' (Maybe you should just omit the defined()?) at kernel/ line 373.
    4. /home/developer/MyFirmeware/fsvybrid-V2.2/DispNastro/linux-3.0.15-fsvybrid-V2.2/kernel/Makefile:140: recipe for target 'kernel/timeconst.h' failed
    5. make[1]: *** [kernel/timeconst.h] Error 255
    6. Makefile:945: recipe for target 'kernel' failed
    7. make: *** [kernel] Error 2
    8. [developer@lpc43xx linux-3.0.15-fsvybrid-V2.2]$

    Can help me?
    Best Regards.

    Hello , I need to connect a different lcd display to the NetDCUA5 board.
    Where I need to put all the information?
    I have this file give me from distribuitor of Lcd.


    According to step 3.1 of Vybrid_FirstSteps manual I try to read NBoot version .
    Now I found this information.

    1. F&S Nand Loader VN13 built Aug 12 2015 11:05:37
    2. NetDCUA5 Rev. 1.20
    3. 256MB RAM (1 chip) 128MB FLASH (92f1) 500MHz 512kB L2 A5
    4. booted primary image from page 4
    5. serial number not set

    In my product download under NBOOT folder I found this ChangeLog File.

    And the last zip present is
    I'm slightly confused .
    Is there a file missing? Do I need to update?
    Best Regards.