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    yes, seems that the Storage manager in Control panel shows also this information.

    On my activated F3S system, following information is available.

    Name: Part00

    Size: 515 Sectors

    Type: 0x20

    File System:

    Flags: 0x00

    Not mounted

    Name: Part01

    Size: 32576 Sectors

    Type: 0x21

    FileSystem: fs_binfs.dll

    Flags: 0x10


    Name: Part02

    Size: 96576 Sectors

    Type: 0xF3 -> Seems to be FS3

    FileSystem: f3s.dll

    Flags: 0x10


    Part00 not used/bootloader?

    Part01 is the system partition, mounted to / ?

    Part02 is mounted to /FFSDISK?

    Best regards, Kaiser


    a question about which SDK to use?

    At the moment I have 3 SDK's available to use for WEC7 on my MS VS 2008.

    FSIMX6_WEC7 (ARMv4I)


    AM335x_WINCE7_SDK (ARMv4I)

    Seems that all the 3 are working. But what are differences? Which should I use?

    Thanks, Kaiser


    I'm talking about all windows. Either system tools or own applications.

    Please see attached picture.

    The title bar should have the color as seen in the Appearance tab and a grey X button.

    But it has an light blue color and a red x button.

    Under WinXP I can configure this on right mouse click on desktop/Properties/Design. Here I can choose between WindowsXP or Windows classic.

    Best regards, Andy


    a question regarding the style of desktop.

    After installation the standard look&feel is set to WinXP - blue title bar which I cannot change with Display properties/Appearance.

    Is there a way to disable this blue WinXP style (blue title bar and so on)?

    Thanks a lot in advance, Andy


    installed the current SDK from your webpage (FSIMX6_WEC7_SDK_151015.msi and FSVYBRID_WEC7_SDK.msi). Using MS Visual Studio 2008 on Windows7pro.

    There are no additional messages from Visual Studio.

    Sometimes it works but sometimes not - don't know what's different.

    Best regards, Andy


    are there problems in debug mode?

    I try to debug - program stops at break point correctly.

    But when press the F10 or F11 (single step) program runs to next break point (like F5).

    No single step is available.

    Is there a problem or do I something wrong?

    Best regards, Andy


    yes there are entries for 2.0 and 3.5. But wrong paths. All paths going to \windows, but I installed version 3.5 on \ffsdisk\.NET.

    I tried to change the 3.5 paths to \ffsdisk\.net but now I see all files were deleted in this directory???

    A new kernel with 3.5 would be nice, if possible.

    Best regards, Andy


    Now I have some additional information:

    After a new start of Board I typed in "cgacutil.exe" to detect the version of .NET.

    After start there is the version 2.0.7045.0 installed.

    Once after started my program by VC 2008, .NET version 3.5.7283.0 was installed, because

    after a start of tool "cgacutil.exe" the 2 versions was installed: 3.5.7283.0 and 2.0.7045.0.

    In output window I can see:

    1. CSharpMqttPublisher -> D:\Development\Display\CSharpMqttPublisher\bin\Release\CSharpMqttPublisher.exe
    2. ------ Bereitstellung gestartet: Projekt: CSharpMqttPublisher, Konfiguration: Release Any CPU ------
    3. "C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft.NET\SDK\CompactFramework\v3.5\windowsce\" wird bereitgestellt.
    4. "D:\Development\Display\Kernel\extern\MQTT\M2MQTT\bin\Release\M2Mqtt.NetCf35\M2Mqtt.NetCf35.dll" wird bereitgestellt.
    5. "D:\Development\Display\CSharpMqttPublisher\bin\Release\CSharpMqttPublisher.exe" wird bereitgestellt.
    6. "C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft.NET\SDK\CompactFramework\v3.5\windowsce\diagnostics\" wird bereitgestellt.

    So when I tried to install the .cab files "" and "" manually - I get following message:

    Microsoft .NET CF 3.5 is already installed. Reinstall?

    Ok, but I installed it in /ffsdisk/.NET directory.

    After installation and run of cgacutil both version was installed.

    A run of my program was successful.

    I also installed the 2nd .cab file - still everything ok.

    I saved the registry and restared the board.

    But after switch off/on the board again the known situatin is back.

    cgacutil shows me only version 2.0.7045.0 - version 3.5 disappeared.

    The directory /ffsdisk/.net is filled with all installed files.

    What could I do to get also version 3.5 as installed after restart of board?

    Best regards, Andy


    I have a strange problem with installed .NET version and don't know how to solve it.

    I created a tool with C# using .NET v3.5 network libraries. Starting/debugging in VC 2008 works without problems.

    Also starting from console worked fine.

    Bun when I restart display and start directly from console I get following error message:

    1. Error
    2. An unexpected error has occurred in CSharpMqttPublisher.exe.
    3. Select Quit and then restart this program, or select Details for more information.
    4. After pressing details I get:
    5. This application requires a newer version of the Microsoft .NET compact framework than the version
    6. installed on this device.

    When starting by VC 2008, I see in the output window, following output:

    1. "CSharpMqttPublisher.exe" (Verwaltet): "C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft.NET\SDK\CompactFramework\v3.5\Debugger\BCL\mscorlib.dll" wurde geladen
    2. "CSharpMqttPublisher.exe" (Verwaltet): "d:\development\display\csharpmqttpublisher\bin\release\CSharpMqttPublisher.exe" geladen, Symbole geladen.
    3. "CSharpMqttPublisher.exe" (Verwaltet): "d:\development\display\csharpmqttpublisher\bin\release\M2Mqtt.NetCf35.dll" geladen, Symbole geladen.
    4. "CSharpMqttPublisher.exe" (Verwaltet): "C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft.NET\SDK\CompactFramework\v3.5\Debugger\BCL\System.dll" wurde geladen

    So I tried to install the two .cab files manually in /ffsdisk directory but no changes/improvements.

    What I'm doing wrong?

    What could I do to start C# .Net programs directly after start without VS 2008?

    I tried to compile for "Any CPU" with Platform "Windows CE Gerät" and "NetDCU9 ARMV4I Device" - but no difference.

    Best regards, Andy


    after trying several methods:

    shared memory, named pipes (not supported on .NET 3.5 ),

    Clipboard (did not work),

    communication over files (too many write operations would cause an earlier death of flash memory),

    I decided to communicate over network.

    Application 1 (c++) sends messages to Application 2 (c#) on same device (WinCE).

    This 2nd application forwards the received messages to its defined MQTT broker.

    This seems to work sufficently.

    Best regards, Andy


    is there a sshd (ssh deamon/service/server) for WinCE available?

    Looking for a possibility to access by ssh on a WinCE NetDCU11 board instead of telnet.

    Like the ftpd (FTP server) looking for sshd but already not found.

    Would be nice if there would be a solution.

    Best regards, Andy


    the reason is I have already a big tool/program written in C++.

    In that I would just like to send/publish MQTT messages to a broker.

    To convert my main program into .NET would take months...


    I tried but aren't able to use it.

    Compiled the dll sucessfully but cannot use it in my NetDCU project.

    First I cannot enable the /clr option (not available in project).

    I tried on Win7 and there was a /clr option, but then I ran into 2nd problem:

    I don't know how to access to Object names and methods of .Net Dll.

    Do you have some examples or other tips to get this to run?


    what is the best way to implement/use MQTT on NetDCUx device?

    Is there somewhere a library or some example code, I could use?

    Best regards,