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    it works with the following (dirty) method:

    With 0x40000156 on all cs, the gpio1 15 seems to work.

    i had already commented the line in the hog group so this should not be an issue.

    here is the output of the dmesg command:

    i noticed that the bus gets initialized twice... dont know if thats an issue.

    next i entered the follwing command and noticed that the gpio3 (gpiochip2) pins hat the wrong direction mode:

    Futhermore i modified the spi-imc.c driver file and printed the return value of the gpio_direction_ouput call and also the cs pin numer

    see "spi_imx_setup: cs 78"

    and "spi_imx_setup: dir ret: 0" for example in the dmesg log at the top.

    Tried the following device tree without success...

    Perhaps I'm missing a kernel module?


    I'm trying to get SPI_A (ecspi3) with multiple chip selects to work,

    but only the predefined chip select (gpio5 25) seems to work.

    Below my device tree:

    I checked that no other node is using or muxing my pins