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    Please take a look on the documentation(chapter 16) on our homepage on products->PicoMOD->PicoMODA9->Documents
    The direct link are following:…iMX6_DeviceDriver_eng.pdf

    You are able to reset the registry to the default on the EBoot(SHIFT+S during boot) with the command "R"

    1. reg open \Drivers\Builtin\PicoMODA9\SPI1
    2. reg set value ClockFreq dword 1000000
    3. reg set value Debug dword 0
    4. reg save

    If the SPI still doesn't work please set following to enable SPI debug output on COM1:

    1. reg open \Drivers\Builtin\PicoMODA9\SPI1
    2. reg set value Debug dword 0xfff
    3. reg save

    Activate debug output on COM1 on EBoot with command "O" and answer the question with "N".
    Reboot and post the output after you try to use the SPI.

    Yes, you are right the registry settings are missing. On the next Kernel release we will fix this.

    But now you are able to set following:

    With this I2C1 should work.

    In our software and documantation the brightness is called "contrast". There has historical reasons.

    It is possible to change it in the registry in your display mode with following:
    Contrastenable => aktivate the using of the value
    Contrastvalue => here it is possible to change the brightness from 0x0 to 0xFFF

    If you use display mode 100

    1. reg open \drivers\display\lcd\mode100
    2. reg set val contrastenable dword 1
    3. reg set val contrastvalue dword 0xCFF

    Take a look in our Device Driver documentation chapter 11:…viceDriver_WCE600_eng.pdf

    In the ndcucfg you are able to use following commands:

    1. contrast +
    2. contrast ++
    3. contrast -
    4. contrast --
    5. contrast get
    6. contrast set <n>


    The SPI dirver is activated by default. The I2C is deaktivated. With the "Flags dword 4" you can disable the SPI in the registry and activate the I2C by deleting this value in the I2C key.
    Switch from SPI to I2C1:

    1. reg open \Drivers\builtin\NetDCUA5\I2C2
    2. reg del val Flags
    3. reg open \Drivers\Builtin\SPI1
    4. reg set val Flags dword 4
    5. reg save

    It is possible to use SPI and the software I2C. In our device driver dokumentation at chapter 14 you can read how to configure. As "DLL" please use "fs_i2c.dll".


    Quote from "alfsch"

    1. kommt hier im Forum -wenn ich in netdcuA5 gehen will- : >> sie haben keine ...Rechte..<< ; hä ? bin ich der erste, der das Teil hat - oder wie?

    die Rechte wurden korrigiert. Sollte jetzt funktionieren.

    Now it is possible to download the in the download area. In this beta Kernel the Parintf driver is implemented and should work on a NetDCU14.

    The NetDCU14 version with only one CAN and a Kernel Version lower 1.03 can't send CAN messages. This is fixed in Kernel 1.03 and above.

    Here a little workaround to fix it with older Kernel.

    1. reg open \Drivers\BuiltIn\NetDCU14\CAN2
    2. reg set val Flags dword 4
    3. reg save

    Yes I’ve tried all the combinations of boot with COM1 and then with the COM2,
    with also ‘n’, but nothing.

    If fact the all the 4 LEDs are all steady lightup (I have only one ETH)
    1 RUN CPU in Run-Mode ON STEADY
    2 STA1 Status indicator 1 (see SW documentation WHERE?) ON STEADY
    3 STA2 Status indicator 2 (see SW documentation WHERE?) ON STEADY
    4 ETH1 Ethernet1 link and activity ON STEADY

    seems like the board doesn’t boot. It is new, just shipped.

    Is it necessary other Power line current other than Vcc 5V at pins 21and 22 of J1 (and 25+26 for GND) ?
    I have only used a wire for power supply to this pins. (5VDC is inside the 5% recommendation)

    very strange….
    Thank you for any help for this startup,