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    I am trying to compile video 4 linux for the picocom-architecture. Therefor I am missing the linux kernel sources matching the distributions configuration. Is it possible to distribute them, please? (I am confused why they are not already avaiable somewhere. Isn't this a GPL-violation?)

  • If the source is not on the accompanied CD, you can download the source code from emlix. Usually you'll find a file SUPPORT on your CD that tells you how to find the download site and how to log in to download updates and the source package.

    I have checked for the PicoCOM1, the Linux source code is definitely contained on the Eval-BSP disc. File


    and there in


    For the other boards I don't have a disc at hand right now, so I can't check. But I would assume it's rather similar.


    H. Keller

    F&S Elektronik Systeme GmbH
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