English language on Forum

  • Yes, we know this. But it's difficult. We try to keep to English as often as possible. But some of our customers just start new threads in German and then it would be strange to reply in English. And as a matter of fact, some of our German customers actually have difficulties with English. As you know, Germany was split into two parts right up to 1989, and the people from the eastern part only learned the Russian language as second language in school and naturally have problems with English now. Therefore it wouldn't be nice for them if we only answered in English.

    Well, I don't know the perfect solution. Probably it's best to ask if a topic looks promising and something is unclear. Then we can give a summary in English here and there.


    H. Keller

    F&S Elektronik Systeme GmbH
    As this is an international forum, please try to post in English.
    Da dies ein internationales Forum ist, bitten wir darum, Beiträge möglichst in Englisch zu verfassen.