Trouble running PocketPc-like applications

  • They install through ActiveSync correctly to, for example, /FFDISK flash partition, but when launched, all the applications say: "Cannot find 'xxxxxx' or one of its components. Make sure the path and filename are correct and that all required libraries are installed."
    Is it a missing windowsCE general library (MFC support for eg.) or something else?
    The only working is the TCMP player suggested before. Now I've tried Cnetx PocketSlideShow or Resco PictrureViewer because I need a PowerPoint viewer or general picture viewer, but same no luck.
    What about car navi programs?
    Thank You

  • Hello,
    please keep in mind, that WindowsCE and Windows Mobile are two different things. Windows Mobile is based on Windows CE, but enhanced with additional libraries. You can use the PC program depends.exe to see what DLL's or functions are missing.

    Second point is that some programs are still copying files to directory \Windows without telling you this. So please check if you can start the application before rebooting NetDCU. If so, copy all the files from directory \Windows to directory \FFSDISK.


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  • ok, I will look for the needed DLLs with Depends.
    it's not so easy to find them on the internet, for windows ce 5.0 and ARM processor. I hope I haven't to build them with Platform Builder!!??
    however, thanks for the idea.
    I will update this post when I'm getting something working.

  • I got some programs working, for example PocketStreets, Mort's media player (Mp3 but no device audio driver (?)), regedit, and so on....but all with a "TEMP" button on the low-left cornet wich, if clicked, closes the application. Maybe for that fact NetDCU8 is not a 'real' Pocket-pc device?
    mastermind for pocketpc works fine :)