DAISY and Windows 7

  • Some components of DAISY are still 16 bit applications, for example the PCX graphics conversion programs for the DCUL3/DCUL3C and the font conversion utility. Even the standard installation program on the CD to install DAISY is using some 16 bit components. Because of this, it is not possible anymore to install DAISY directly on Windows 7. However the Professional, Enterprise and Ultimate versions of Windows 7 allow installing of the so called Windows XP Mode. This is a Virtual PC with a full Windows XP operating system. Within this Virtual PC guest environment, it is still possible to install DAISY, even on a 64 bit Windows 7 host system.

    If you haven't installed the Windows XP Mode yet, go to Microsofts VirtualPC page and click on "Get Windows XP Mode and Windows Virtual PC now ". This must happen on your Windows 7 PC because it will start a Genuine Windows Test to verify the version of your Windows 7 system. Then you can download:

    • Windows XP Mode (app. 500MB)
    • VirtualPC (KB958559, 10MB)
    • Update of VirtualPC (KB977206, 4MB)

    Then install these files in this sequence. You have to restart your PC after steps 2 and 3. Now you'll find Windows XP Mode in your Start menu. When you start this for the first time, the Windows XP system is installed on the Virtual PC hard disk, therefore it will take a few minutes. Later it will start much faster.

    Then you'll see a new window with the desktop of a completely separate PC, running under Windows XP. This PC is called the guest while your Windows 7 PC is called the host. You can install programs on the guest like on a usual PC, you are even asked to install security software (e.g. an anti virus program) and updates. This is advisable if you'll use this Virtual PC to go into the internet or do more comprehensive tasks. However if you just use this Virtual PC to run DAISY, then you don't need any of these. Just install the DAISY CD within this XP environment and you'll have the DAISY graphical user interface with the compiler and all DAISY tools available there.

    If you need the terminal program DCUTerm very often, and don't want to start the Virtual PC every time, then you can copy the file DcuTerm.exe from


    on your guest PC to your Windows 7 host PC. This program can run natively on Windows 7. It does not necessarily need an installation, just run the program to get the terminal function.

    Your F&S Support Team

    PS: If your new PC does not have a Parallel Port anymore to plug in the DAISY Dongle, please contact us at <!-- e --><a href="mailto:sales@fs-net.de">sales@fs-net.de</a><!-- e -->.

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