CAN Open integration in NetDCU8

  • Hello all

    on the NetDCU i have a CAN-Driver, which can be accessed over IOCTRL or FILEIO. So far, so good. Now i would like to integrate a CANOpen Libary from IXXAT or PORT. Does anyone have any experience, if it's possible to use CAN Driver from FS. My information are that the CANOpen Companies deliver their own Drivers because with the FS Driver the stack has to be modified on a level which is not convient on their architecture model.

    Does FS have any experience with CANOpen integration of buyable CANOpen Stacks?


  • Hello, has already implemented the "CAN Open" for NetDCU6. This driver based on our CAN driver. I have already tested this implementation on NetDCU5.2 (ARM) and so i suggest it is no problem for you to deploy it on NetDCU8. I think you can buy the kit (it contains source) from systec-electronic. Please contact systec-electronic.

    F&S Elektronik Systeme GmbH
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