• Hello

    I have been reading as much documentation as possible on the PicoCOM4 but am still struggling to get my demo board working. I have the DCUTermi working and I can download bootloaders and kernel using the NETDCUUSBLoader.

    My problem is I want to know which is the most relevant bootloader and kernel for my board?
    I need to know how to view and modify the bootloader, as I can't find information on setting up screen size/resolution so all I can see at the moment are coloured stripes. I am using a UMSH-8401MD-7T 4.5" display.

    Can someone point me in the right direction?


  • The Windows CE display driver is configurable via registry. This offers possiblity to drive nearly all Digital-RGB displays.
    There is available a huge set of display configurations on our website, but I could not find the UMSH display you mentioned below. We will help you creating the required display setting to get you display working with PicoCOM4. To do this please send the datasheet to <!-- e --><a href="mailto:support@fs-net.de">support@fs-net.de</a><!-- e --> .

    Software developer, F&amp;S Elektronik Systeme GmbH
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