Trying to Update nboot on QBlissA8 fails

  • Hello,

    we´re currently trying to update the nboot on our QBlissA8 to v.100.11.

    It won´t work using serial, SDCard or USBLoader. The console states wrong size or signature.

    This is the statement of the NetDCU-USBLoader:

    HW-Watchdog: OFF
    Waiting for USB download
    Initialize IRQ Vector Tables
    HighSpeed detected
    HighSpeed detected

    Download file information:
    [0]: Address=0x81A0A0A0 Length=0x8000 Name=C:\nbootc100_11.bin
    INFO: Changed start address for C:\nbootc100_11.bin to 0x8FD00000.
    1 files tranfered
    Invalid NBoot signature (0x00008000) - Update aborted!

    ERROR: Flash write failed
    HALT Reason=0xFFFFFFF4
    ERROR: FlashWrite failed
    ERROR !!!!
    Disable AUTO BOOT
    Reboot system and correct bootloader settings

    Anything we can do to make it work? Thank you for your reply.

  • Hello,
    this update feature is not full tested. Please update N/CBoot from C/NBoot itself.
    For this purpose:
    - enter N/CBoot by press "s" and power on, you will step intoo N/CBoot
    - Type "D" (upper case!)
    - Select the file, File->Transmit Binary File ....

    F&S Elektronik Systeme GmbH
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