Is possible invert TFT RGB signals?

  • Hello all...

    Until now, i was using a NETDCU8 board with a sharp tft display. I have used other displays too adapting values in registry settings of the display driver without problems.
    But now, i want to use a Microtips tft display that uses inverted RGB values so the image colors are inverted.

    For example:
    Using the sharp display (or others), to see the white color, all RGB bits have to be in 1 state.
    But for the Microtips display, to see the white color, all RGB bits have to be in 0 state.

    Is there a way (in software, not in hardware), any registry setting or any value that allows me to select RGB signals polarity in the same way as can be done with other signals like vertical sync, horizontal sync, etc...


  • Hello,
    no this is not possible. You can only invert HSync, VSync, MSignal, PixelClock. Refer register "config" in the DisplayDriverDocument. So i think you have to reslove it by HW.

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