LDC Power Sequences

  • Hello, to adjust LDC Power Sequences you can use display drivers "config" register value under HKLM\dirvers\display\<lcd key name>\mode<id> (refer Display- or Device Driver Documentation). Following values are possible (do bit wise or to your current config):

    1. config |= 0x00010000 -> VLCD, DEN, VBUF, VEE, VCFL
    2. config |= 0x00020000 -> VLCD, VCLK, VEE, DEN, CFL
    3. config |= 0x00040000 -> VEE, all OFF, VLCD, VBUF, DEN, CFL
    4. config |= 0x00080000 -> VLCD, VBUF, VEE, DEN, CFL
    5. config |= 0x000F0000 -> custom settings, see table below

    Custom settings (HKLM\dirvers\display\<lcd key name>\mode<id>):

    1. PONLcdPow=dword:<Power on LCD> ;(default 0 ms)
    2. PONLcdEna=dword:<Power on DEN> ;(default 40 ms)
    3. PONLcdBufEna=dword:<Power on VBUF> ;(control-, data lines, default 60ms)
    4. PONVeeOn=dword:<Power on VEE> ;(contrast/brightness, default 70 ms)
    5. PONCflPow=dword:<Power on CFL> ;(backlight, default 80ms)

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