OpenGL: possibility to bypass windowing system

  • Hi!

    the first tests for opengl es 2.0 on wince 6 work but appear to be quite slow even for clear screen and single triangle. is it possible
    to bypass the windowing system so that the gpu renders directly to the framebuffer?

    this is the advantage of using linux. so any news there?


  • actually it is not so bad (a debug output message made it slow) but it could be even faster when bypassing the windowing system.

    if this is not possible what is the best way to create a fullscreen window on wince that also hides the task bar?


  • Hello,
    you can switch off explorer by registry, refer or hide taskbar by using "ShowWindow" function.

    Where does the debug message comes from? From ogl drivers?

    Bypassing windowing system: you can show display drivers settings on serial debug line by specify "verbose" value in registry (refer device driver document). Do you see a value like "PhysFrameBuffDraw"?
    I am not sure if this works with ogl and i also think ogl uses already the best way.