Compiling the Linux 3.3.7 Kernel

  • there's some strange behaviour when compiling the kernel:

    1. export ARCH=arm
    2. make fss5pv210_defconfig

    When I now run the following script the compiling progress starts directly.

    1. export PATH=$PATH:/home/home/Dev/picomod7a/toolchain/bin
    2. export CROSS_COMPILE=arm-fs-linux-gnueabi-
    3. export ARCH=arm
    4. make

    After I try to change the configuration (for now only the display resolution from 800x480 to 1024x768) with "make menuconfig" and then run the makekernel script it seems the kernel config is lost or faulty because make is "Restarting config...". I'm beeing asked for all configuration parameters on the command line (about 100 questions).

    and so on...

    When I answer all question with the default value by pressing return the compiling process is breaking with errors.

    configuration: PicoMOD7A, software package: multiplatform-linux-f+s-V2.0

    Thanks for help.

  • The script is executed in a sub-shell. This means that after the script (and the kernel compilation) is done, your environment settings PATH, CROSS_COMPILE and ARCH are not valid anymore and 'make menuconfig' will use the standard gcc, which results in a compilation for x86. Therefore the configuration is detected to not be compatible to the current compilation run and the kernel tries to reconfigure for x86. Hence all the questions and the failing compilation.

    By the way, if you install the toolchain to a different place than /usr/local/arm, then you must change some settings in BuildRoot or it won't find the toolchain.

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