Switching Boot Strategie

  • when running

    1. run bootnfs

    in U-Boot it's working with the default IP addresses (10.0.0.x). When I change all the IPs to my address range (192.168.0.xxx) I cannot set the env because the command seems to exceed 256 bytes and fails with

    1. Expanded command too long!

    What else can I do than using shorter IP addresses ?

    Thanks for help.

  • Oh my god, I would never have dreamed in my wildest dreams that such a thing could happen.

    Well, just try to reduce the command line length. For example on the PicoMOD7A, there is only one Ethernet, so you can leave the "::eth0" out. Or you can reduce the names of the mtdparts partitions. For example the UserDef partition is usually not required, so you can reduce the name to "UD" or something like that. But don't leave out any partition or you'll have to change some other places, too.

    Or maybe the best thing is to change the entry CONFIG_SYS_CBSIZE in include/configs/fss5pv210.h from 256 to 512 or something like that and recompile U-Boot.

    I have added a bugtracker entry so that the next release will have a larger default size for the command line.

    Sorry for the inconvenience.

    EDIT: Oops, when increasing the size for CONFIG_SYS_CBSIZE, we also have to increase CONFIG_SYS_PBSIZE. Use about 128 bytes more than CONFIG_SYS_CBSIZE. I have set 512 for CONFIG_SYS_CBSIZE and 640 for CONFIG_SYS_PBSIZE now.

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