Linux BSP PicoCOM2

  • For quite a few years we had outsourced the porting and support of our Linux version to an external company called "emlix". Part of this trade was that they can decide how much a Starterkit will cost. And the BSP is always part of the Starterkit, so with most of the boards in this era you would only get a BSP if you bought a Starterkit.

    The PicoCOM2 was a little different. There existed two versions of BSPs. An evaluation edition for free, but with limited features and probably some outdated drivers, and a professional BSP, which was quite expensive. So if you like you can contact emlix (see <!-- m --><a class="postlink" href=""></a><!-- m -->) and ask for the CD with the free evaluation version. The professional version will most probably still cost money.

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