Resistive touch controller

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    i'm trying to use the 4-wires touch controller, from documentation i just see that it is seen like an "ADC", anyway i don't know the pin path to the micro and how it is used, there is some driver/controller i should enable on kernel?
    I suggest it is composed of a calibration program and a driver that converts adc signal into coordinates, please give more details

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  • Unfortunately the armStoneA9 is not equipped with an on-board touch controller. As this board has a rather high performance, it is usually used with larger displays and there analog resistive touches have many difficulties like high noise. As a result, these displays use more and more touch solutions with a local touch controller that is specifically adjusted for this display and then provide their touch data via a generic interface like I2C, SPI or USB.

    • If you connect your display via RGB interface, there are some signals available on the RGB connector to support touch controllers via I2C. For example we have an RGB adapter that already contains a touch controller for 4- and 5-wire analog resistive touches.
    • We also have a separate touch interface connector where you can connect a touch controller. Again this is meant for touches based on I2C and we have adapters for analog resistive touches and for capacitive touches. For example see Res. Touch Kit armStoneA9.
    • There are third party touches available that use the USB interface.

    If you order a display+touch adapter or a touch-only adapter from us, you'll also get the schematics for it. This means you can port our implementation to your own baseboard/platform so that the available drivers will immediately work without further modifications. Please contact our sales department for a list of available adapter boards or directly ask for a solution suited for your display and/or touch.

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    F&S Elektronik Systeme GmbH
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  • Thank you for answer, we already have an external usb controller from egalax now, i saw on your pinout description a resistive touch description but maybe is a mistake as it is a preliminary product.