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  • As I see the HUSH shell is not enabled in the Multiplatform 2.0 u-boot. So it's not possible to do conditional scripting while booting. I tried to enbale the CONFIG_SYS_HUSH_PARSER in u-boot. Now conditional scripting is working but I'm not able to mount my UBI filesystem from kernel. The kernel does not find any ubi partition. If I'm using the u-boot without HUSH it's working again. The kernel commandline with the bootargs seems to be the same. So I guess it's because of interpreting some variables. The $(varname) is not working anymore. I had to substitude into $varname but there must be something else I do not find.

    Thanks for any advice.

  • We are moving more and more F&S boards to the same U-Boot version. When joining the Vybrid platform, we also switched from traditional command line interpreter to Hush parser. We will do some more changes soon and add the last platform (i.MX6) to U-Boot. Maybe then we'll do another release.

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