Touch calibration with new NetDCU 11.2 very unexact

  • Hello,

    I have problems with the calibration points on new 11.2 boards.
    Especially on the right and left side, middle height, I have a divergence about 0.5cm.
    Everywhere else on the screen (top, bottom, middle, the pressed point is correct.
    My touch settings are:

    1. reg open \Hardware\Devicemap\Touch
    2. reg set value Debounce dword 1
    3. reg set value MinCalibrationPointCount dword 10
    4. reg set value PollUpTimeMultiplier dword 5
    5. reg set value TouchSamples dword 5
    6. reg set value MaxCalError dword 25
    8. reg set value Status dword 0

    Does nobody have similar problems?
    I have seen this behaviour on several boards. Also customers are not very lucky with this.
    On old 11 boards there were no such problems.
    At the moment I use 1.28 Kernel with 1.39 bootloader - maybe there is an update?

    Thanks in advance