Unstable system with boards Rev. 1.10

  • Dear Support,
    i used Armstone Rev. 1.00 and the software you given (kernel, u-boot, etc) to test our software, everything worked fine.
    Now we started with production with boards Rev. 1.10 and problems are occurring, system hangs often on some boards and rarely on others, and errors are of different kind, some times it totally hangs, some other time one of the cpu is stalling and errors are everytime different.
    I don't know if there is an hardware problem, or kernel is buggy, but as there were already problems before (reset doesn't works most time, also reset button on board, sometimes also u-boot cannot start with the mmc), i think maybe i just need a stable release of your distribution.
    We really need your support because our production needs working boards, we have already customers waiting, so please give us a feedback.

    Below some random errors while running:

    ERROR 2