Control Panel WinCE7

  • How can I adjust the control Panel I want to add Touch Screen (Stylus) but it won't be implemented. What ever I tick inside catalog CoreOS->Windows Embedded Compact-> Shell and User Interface-> User Interface won't be implemented. It looks like Control Panel will be adjusted somewhere else?

  • Hello,

    in other words you set "SYSGEN_TOUCH" and do a clean sysgen and afterwards the stylus control panel applet is still not available?

    Than please check:


    Check that your OS design environment does not set BSP_NOTOUCH=1 : this
    setting will override the selection of SYSGEN_TOUCH (not stylus).

    I found this hint in the www.…/stylus-cpl-missing/60833

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  • I added "set BSP_NOTOUCH=" to the FSIMX6.bat(in case default set BSP_NOTOUCH=1 when not declared).
    I also searched the entire solution for BSP_NOTOUCH entries but didn't find any? Adding "set BSP_NOTOUCH=" didn't help at all.

    I'm working on an ArmStoneA9