Button.Backcolor property change has no effect

  • I'm making the portability of my application from WinCE 5 (NetDCU8) to WinCE 6 (NetDCUA5). One thing is not working, and after unsuccessful searching the web I must post the question here.
    Changing the BackColor property (for highlighting purposes) has no effect. Changing the ForeColor does. In the same function I'm changing both the ForeColor and the BackColor. But only the ForeColor actually changes on screen.

    According to this post: http://stackoverflow.com/quest…w-to-set-button-backcolor
    If "The platform has the Skinnable UI OS component (SYSGEN_XPSKIN) built into it. The skin behavior overrides the behavior of setting the control color, so any color change you try to implement is unseen."

    Is it the case for the NetDCUA5 Kernel "NKVYB_CE6Core_140414.bin" ?

  • Hello,

    you can activate old button skin view by setting the registry value BtnOldSkin to 1 in [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\GWE].

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