NSPI Driver and I2C + NI2C Driver for the efus board

  • Hello,
    you will find I2C Driver under HKLM\Drivers\BuiltIn\efusa9\i2c1.
    We already work on SPI and will include it into the next release.

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  • Hello,

    when will SPI be available for efusA9 under Windows Embedded Compact 2013 (WEC2013)? I am using XIPiMX6SDL_C8GE_141017.bin (latest version visible to and downloadable by me in "Mein F&S")

    By the way: Where can a i find the necessary SDK for programming the I2C and SPI interfaces? I installed the latest FSIMX6_WEC2013_SDK_VS2013_141016.msi, but did not find andy I2C header files in there.

  • I got a new SDK and then could implement using the I²C. Now I use the I2C2: device on the efusA9 (I2C_B).

    By the way: The Document WINCE_FSiMX6_DeviceDriver_eng.pdf contradicts with the actual registry settings for the Touch drivers.

    The Touch drivers have "I2C3:" set for the I2CDevice registry value.
    The PDF document states, that the Touch drivers use "I2C2:" and one should use "I2C3:" for other purposes.