Performance of latest beta WinCE7 image

  • Hello,

    I'm currently running several performance tests using the Starterkit 2 efus™A9 Windows for evaluation purposes. During these tests, I first used the latest beta WinCE7 OS (XIPIMX6_C7E_V120_BETA_150218).

    While using the beta OS version, I experienced quite a lot of crashes. One of the performance tests involved running the application we're currently developing (C# Compact Framework) on the Efus board and performing TCP communication with a server. Each time the communication session ended, a crash occurred, resulting in the board rebooting itself.

    Due to these issues, I reverted to the last official OS release (XIPIMX6_C7E_V100_150202), since of course a beta version can contain these kind of issues. Using this official release resulted in super stable behaviour (no more crashes). But to my surprise, it also resulted in a considerable performance boost. One of the performance tests, involving running a transparent animation on the board, was 2x as fast as on the beta image. Now, this doesn't necessarily need to be an issue, but I was wondering if F&S were aware of any changes made in the beta version of the OS image that resulted in a 50 % decrease of performance using transparent images/animations ? Is it something we can expect to be fixed for the next official release ?

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  • Hello,

    we have released a BETA-Kernel (XIPIMX6_C7E_V130_BETA_150316) in this week. The details about this release see in Bugtracker roadmap.
    The new kernel is more stable and quickly. Perhaps you can try this kernel firstly.

    At now we do more stress tests in hause so that you expect a more stable version in next official release.

    F&S Elektronik Systeme GmbH
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  • I've just performed a test with the latest beta OS image (XIPIMX6_C7E_V130_BETA_150316). Both the performance when displaying transparent animations as the stability of our application now seem to be on-par with the latest official release. Good work ! :-)