RNDIS driver failure in PICOMOD7A

  • Hi,

    I'm using a remote WiFi module connected to PICOMOD7A using the usb. Activating RNDIS in kernel, I can see a new ethernet port. Once correctly configured IP and netmask in /etc/network/interfaces and rebooting, I try pings with other dispositives on the network. But the problem is that 'pings' from a PC launched till PICOMOD7A are lost (about a 75% are lost). Due to that, I cannot see the web that PICOMOD7A web server is delivering (the WiFi module acts as an Access Point where PICOMOD7A and PC are connected).

    To separate what the problem is, I connect the xPICO WiFi directly to another PC running an ubuntu virtual machine and all is running OK: no pings are lost. If in this virtual machine I activate an apache web server, I can see without problems the publicated example web.

    So, it appears that RNDIS is not working properly in PICOMOD7A.

    Any idea of what can be the issue?


  • Hi again:
    I have resolved the problem simply emiting command 'ifconfig eth1 mtu 1255' that is, reducing MTU from default value (1500) to maximum allowed by xPICO module. With this new value, all frames are RX/TX without trouble.