• Hi, trying to get UBoot to recognise the 4G eMMC on the efus board. However whenever issue the command mmc info I get the error "Card did not respond to voltage select!".
    Not sure what this means. Any help appreciated.

  • By default, the mmc command uses the first mmc port, which is the external SD card slot. So you first have to switch to the eMMC device. If eMMC is available as mmc 2 (where mmc 0 and mmc 1 are the external SD card slots), you have to say

    1. mmc dev 2


    BUT, unfortunately in the current U-Boot from the fsimx6-V3.0 release, eMMC is not yet activated. Which means there is no such mmc 2 device. Of course we have implemented this in the meantime, but there is no official release yet. We are currently about to prepare the next release. It will only be a few more days, around middle of september.

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