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  • Good Day,
    it is several years we are working with your cards for our production.
    But soon we will start using network interfacing...i can see all cards have same mac address.
    How can this is possible? If so i think maybe is stored in some area of the filesystem and when we load our standard software is overwritten?
    Please indicate how to properly handle MAC Address on our terminals, configuration and (eventually) to be set manually.

    Best Regards
    Miroglio Paolo

  • Then you are doing something wrong. When the boards are shipped, they all have a unique MAC address. However this address is stored in U-Boot environment by default. So if you erase the environment as part of your software installation, you also erase the correct MAC address. You have to save the MAC address before erasing the environment.

    If the MAC address is lost, you can also get it from the barcode sticker on the board. This sticker shows the last 6 hex digits xxyyzz of the last three bytes of the address. The first three bytes are always 00 05 51. So you can set the MAC address again with

    setenv ethaddr 00:05:51:xx:yy:zz

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