A little question about cemgrc

  • Section 3.1 of NetDCU8_FirstSteps_eng.pdf says that I don't have to start cemgrc on the netdcu8 to establish a connection in embedded vc4. But this doesn't work with my board. I have to start cemgrc, then sometimes it is working, but sometimes not.

    Also debugging an application is unstable, sometimes the connection gets established, sometimes I have to start cemgrc plus cmd line.

    What wrong with my board?

  • Hello,

    before debugging via Ethernet you have to start "cemgrc" with the corresponding command line. As far as i remember you are requested to do this by EVC.
    I don't know why your connection is not stable, there are no known issues (and main stream Support for EVC++ ended in 2007!).

    Another possibilty for debugging is to use ActiveSync via USB device connection. This is more easy by using VS2005/08.

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