Problem switching GPIO196

  • Hello F&S Team...

    I have trouble switching GPIO196 using a PCOMA9X-V3I-LIN. I have switched of the UART_A_CTS in the DeviceTree, but I'm not able to control the pin via direct programming or with using the console. Maybe you have an idea what keeps me from using GPIO196 (other GPIOs work fine, btw...)

    Thanx in advance...


  • Hi,

    so you want to use this pin as GPIO instead of CTS?

    If you want to use it as GPIO, you have to do the following settings:

    • Disable the UART settings
      1. Either comment out the define CONFIG_PICOCOMA9X_UART_A
      2. Or if you want to use the UART TX/RX then you have to comment out the define CONFIG_PICOCOMA9X_UART_A_RTSCTS and addtionally you have to change something in the pin control. Change the following line:

    MX6SX_PAD_SD3_CLK__UART4_RTS_B 0x1b0b1

    MX6SX_PAD_SD3_DATA2__UART4_CTS_B 0x1b0b1



    MX6SX_PAD_SD3_CLK__UART4_RTS_B 0x1b0b1

    MX6SX_PAD_SD3_DATA2__UART4_CTS_B 0x1b0b1


    • Now you can setup the GPIO in the pin control hog node.
    • Navigate to pinctrl_hog: hoggrp node
    • Add inside node the following line:

    MX6SX_PAD_SD3_DATA2__GPIO7_IO_4 0x0b0b0 //(Pull Up)


    MX6SX_PAD_SD3_DATA2__GPIO7_IO_4 0x030b0 //(Pull Down)


    MX6SX_PAD_SD3_DATA2__GPIO7_IO_4 0x000b0 //(No Pull/Keeper)

    • Now recompile device-tree and install it. Then you should be able to switch the GPIO.

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