Internal Pullups via device tree

  • Good day,

    I am currently trying to add internal pullups to some of my GPIOs on the PicoMODA9.

    As far as I have gathered, the device tree seems the way to go.

    But how would I, for example set a pullup on GPIO1 (J1 connector, pin 41)?

    I did find a device tree example for the raspberryPI and internal pullups, but I am not putting much trust in an example for another board, when I have little understanding for how to work with the device tree itself.

    On that note are there some documents that further explain working with the device tree itself?

    best regards

  • Good day,

    after some tests with the GPIOs I have also noticed that trying to export GPIO5 (Pin29 J1 connector) fails.

    For reference I also tried to export GPIO1, 0 and 2, which all work.

    The hardware documentation does not indictate that GPIO5 would be used for any other kind of hardware.

    The kernel that I used is the new fsimx6-B2019.08.

    Any ideas what I might be doing wrong? Might the GPIO be set for another hardware device in the device tree? (No changes where made, but configuring the display as LCD)

    best regards