Creating transparent images using Compact Framework 3.9 on WEC2013

  • Hi all,

    Currently, we have a CF3.5, WEC7 based embedded application. Within this application, we are using transparent PNG applications. Since transparency by default is not supported by the Compact Framework, we were using parts of the OpenNETCF library for this, which had wrappers around the WEC7 ImagingFactory API (among others).

    Now however, we need to migrate this application to WEC2013 and CF3.9. Of course, CF3.9 still does not support transparency, but also the native ImagingFactory API is not supported anymore by WEC213. The (limited) documentation that can be found on the internet suggests that we should move to the Windows Imaging Component, but unfortunately no samples are given on how to use this within CF3.9. Does anyone on this forum has an example on how to produce transparent images on WEC2013 using CF3.9 ?

    Kind regards,

    Martijn Sanders

  • Hello,

    maybe you can use a third party component. Seems that BeeMobile (…ows-embedded-compact-2013) has a solution for your purpose. They wrap the Windows Imaging Component into a .NET class.

    Hope this helps.

    F&S Elektronik Systeme GmbH
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