Changing the display parameters without building a new kernel

  • Dear support team,

    is it possible to change the display settings wihout building a new kernel?

    I've got a custom specific kernel built from F&S for the Endrich TFT (MI0700AJT-54CP) and should connect the efusA9 with a customer specific module with following parameters below.

    In my opinion it could work without change anything. If not, in which file can I change the display parameters?

    Thank you for help.

    Best regards,


  • Hello Daniel,

    for a new LCD-Display you will have to add an entry to the struct lcdif_modedb at


    with the following parameters:

    Additionally, you need to adjust your device tree file efusa9*.dts

    #define CONFIG_EFUSA9_LCD_BPP <bits-per-pixel>

    #define CONFIG_EFUSA9_LCD_PIX_FMT "<Pixel format>

    #define CONFIG_EFUSA9_LCD_MODE_STR "<'name'-from-lcdif_modedb-entry"

    You will have to rebuild and replace kernel and device tree.

    Your F&S Support Team