Change Touch sensitivity for FT5426

  • Hello,

    I started with the TFT module MI0700AJT-54CP from the Eval board and I've got a good usability of the PCAP touch panel.

    Now I'm working with a compatible module which uses the same touch controller FT5426 from FocalTech. This module comes with a 3mm cover glass and the sensitivity is programmed by the manufacturer. Normally the usability is good without changge of any parameters by the driver. But with the Eval board the usability is not acceptable. I suppose that the Linux driver writes some for the module MI0700AJT-54CP optimized parameters to the touch controller.

    Can you confirm this and is it possible to write other or no parameters to the touch controller?

    Thank you for help.

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  • Hi,

    for ft5x06 driver you can control the treshhold parameter via device-tree or at runtime.


    1. Open arch/arm/boot/dts/efusa9qdl.dtsi
    2. I guess you are using ft5x06 driver so search for line ft5x06_ts@38
    3. Then you can change the threshold entry
    4. Afterwards recompile your device-tree and install it


    1. I also guess you are using ft5x06 driver
    2. I don´t know the exact path to variable but you can search it by typing the following command in your RootFS
      1. find / -iname "threshold"
    3. Then you should find the file "threshold" which you have to modify
    4. To modify the threshold at runtime type in
      1. echo 80 > .../threshold

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  • Hello,

    if you think that the threshold is set correctly by default you can try to remove the threshold parameter from the device-tree.

    This should prevent the parameter from being set by the driver.

    Your F&S Support Team