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    we use a PicoMODA9 in a device with a touch screen. We use the "fs_tchproxy.dll" touch driver. I am wondering if there is a registry key to set the touch less sensitiv. E.g. only if the user touches the screen for more then 100ms this is recognized as a touch. I tried to get such a behavior by setting TouchSamples to higher values but this does not work. Is it possible to get such an behaviour?

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    "fs_tchproxy.dll" is only the Interface between GWES and touch driver. The active driver is under HKLM\Drivers\builtin\<boardname>\... , in the touch key where "flags"=dword:8 (dword:4 means "driver will not be load").

    Nevertheless you cannot (and i would not recommend) delay a touch for 100ms within the driver. Why do you wan't to do this? Maybe we find an other solution for your purpose.

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  • Hi,

    thanks for the quick response.

    Well, it should have been for debugging only. We had trouble during EMC test while performing the electromagnetic radiation disturbance test. It seemed that repeated 'ghost tabs' occured. My idea was to check what would happend if I limit the touch input frequency to a certain value. However it already turn out that ghost tabs are not the problem. So there is no need for further approaches.