No buildroot in software tree

  • The current Yocto release is a pre-release and is the first one, because we can build upon the NXP release and add our configurations and packages.

    For the Buildroot release the versioning must be done manually, so it takes more time.

    Also we are currently in the progress to get the kernel to version 5.4.24.

    We will try to publish a Buildroot pre-release with kernel 4.14.98 in the near future.

    Please excuse the inconvenience.

    Your F&S support team

  • Thank you for this explanation. Is there a closer definition of "near future"?
    We have an existing project with a customer who requires these features, so are we talking several months or half a year?

  • With this 5.4 release, we will join i.MX6, i.MX7ULP and i.MX8 to use the same code base and we will try to make the i.MX8 code work more in the F&S way of doing things, i.e. the way that our customers are used to. This requires some basic modifications (compared to the NXP way of doing things) in how we boot our systems, especially because some new boards will boot from eMMC only, so that our previous NBoot will not work in the same way anymore. Kernel is already ported to the new version, Buildroot and Yocto still require updates and of course U-Boot and the boot environment in general will still need some work. And of course a lot of fine tuning and testing of the device drivers. So we do not expect a regular release before November.

    F&S Elektronik Systeme GmbH
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