UART C on efusA9X without WLAN/BT chip

  • Dear Support Team,

    We have received efusA9X boards without WLAN/BT chip. On these boards we should be able to use UART C with RTS_CONTROL_TOGGLE flow control. But, with our latest BSP, serial driver does not seem to drive RTS line on this UART at all. Trying with RTS_CONTROL_ENABLE and RTS_CONTROL_DISABLE changed nothing. Nothing happens even when I try to drive this line using:

    EscapeCommFunction( hCOM, CLRRTS );


    EscapeCommFunction( hCOM, SETRTS );

    But, I can drive pin 19 on efus (RTS_C_TTL) normally using DigitalIO driver.

    Can you please help me here?

    Best regards,

    Vladimir Obradovic

  • Hello,

    I am sorry for this inconvenience. It seemed better to me to have separate thread for each issue. But ok, lets forget about this thread. issue is resolved, thanks, that is what matters.

    Best regards,

    Vladimir Obradovic

  • Yes, a new thead for this subject is a good idea, but if you alredy post it elsewhere it would be better to wait for a feedback first.

    Sometime we need about 48h but in general not longer!

    F&S Elektronik Systeme GmbH
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