New releases fsvybrid-V2.1.1 and fsvybrid-V2.2.1

  • Vybrid Linux Releases V2.2.1 and V2.1.1

    We have uploaded two new Linux versions for all boards and modules based on the Vybrid CPU to our server, i.e. the fsvybrid architecture: armStoneA5, PicoCOMA5 and NetDCUA5. These releases are running on all platforms of this architecture at the same time. So you can download the same binaries for NBoot, U-Boot, Linux kernel and Buildroot root filesystem to any of the Vybrid boards and it will run.

    Each release consists of two files:

    fsvybrid-V2.2.1.tar.bz2 (or fsvybrid-V2.1.1.tar.bz2)

    This is the main release itself containing all sources, the binary images, the documentation, examples and the toolchain.

    sdcard-fsvybrid-V2.2.1.tar.bz2 (or sdcard-fsvybrid-V2.1.1.tar.bz2)

    If you copy the contents of this archive to an SD card, you can install our precompiled standard system in a very straightforward and comfortable way on the board. The SD card archive is meant for people who just want to try a release first without having to download the quite large main archive. Its content is also contained in the main release archive, so if you want to download the main archive anyway, you don't need to bother with the SD card archive.

    These tar archives are compressed with bzip2. So to see the files, you first have to unpack the archives

    1. tar xvf fsvybrid-V2.2.1.tar.bz2

    This will create a directory fsvybrid-V2.2.1 that contains all the files of the release.

    Please read the file doc/Vybrid_FirstSteps_eng.pdf. It lists the meaning of all files and shows how to install and use everything.

    Release Notes

    This is a patch release with minor changes.

    The 4-wire touch controller that was used on armStoneA5, PicoCOMA5 and NetDCUA5 is end of life and is not available anymore. F&S has therefore replaced it with a newer controller. This results in new board revisions that are now called armStoneA5.2, PicoCOMA5.2 and NetDCUA5.2.

    This release adds the new touch driver to the Linux package and modifies the board support code so that the new driver is activated on the new board revisions.

    Please note that you only need to take action if you use the on-board 4-wire touch controller. In that case you just have to replace the Linux kernel (uImage), that's all. Everything else can stay as before. However you most probably need a new set of touch calibration data for the new controller.

    Please note that compared to the previous release fsvybrid-V2.2 (or fsvybrid-V2.1), just the Linux source package, the uImage binary, and of course the Readme.txt are updated. And we have included a newer NBoot version. All other files remain unchanged. This means that also all the documents are still the original ones. Please visit to download the newest documents.

    As there were no changes in U-Boot and Buildroot, the new board revisions will still show up as "armStoneA5", "PicoCOMA5" and "NetDCUA5". (without ".2" appended). This makes sure that no existing software will break just because of different names.


    The following list shows the most noticable changes in this release in more detail since our last Vybrid release fsvybrid-V2.2 (or fsvybrid-V2.1). Please note that the source code is partly also used for other platforms. This is why you will also find references to other CPU types and F&S boards here in the changelog. Some of these changes have already been part of other releases for other boards.

    nbootvyb115_15.bin (VN15)

    Supported Boards: PicoCOMA5, armStoneA5, NetDCUA5, CUBEA5, PicoMODA5, PicoMOD1.2

    NBootVybrid - V10 (Released 2014-07-11)

    - 0002342: Change UART debug port for PicoMOD1.2

    NBootVybrid - V11 (Released 2014-09-01)

    - 0002342: Add external clock detection for enet phy's

    NBootVybrid - V12 (Released 2014-12-05)

    - Change to new compiler

    - Reorder structure for less warnings

    - Add support for new F&S MfgTool

    - Add support for some customer specific boards

    NBootVybrid - V13 (Released 2015-08-12)

    - 0002715: Remove non working serial number string descriptor

    - 0002716: Change stack layout

    - 0002717: Add customer specific power LED init

    - 0002718: Enable spread spectrum for all boards

    - 0002719: Change memstest stepsize for better test coverage

    - 0002720: Add customer specific serial number fuse settings

    - 0002721: Add serial number invalidation check

    - 0002722: Change customer specific IOMUX init

    - 0002723: Add customer specific LED functions

    NBootVybrid - V14 (Released 2017-04-03)

    - 0003188: Move printf() to from uart.c separate file

    - 0003189: Longer delay for 'x' and 'r'

    - 0003190: Use nand debug menu from iMX6

    - 0003191: Add USB MSD flash down-/upload for debug purpose

    - 0003192: Initialize g_cCommand to 0

    - 0003193: Change USBD init routines

    - 0003194: Use blx instead of bx for printf call in abort handlers

    - 0003195: Change memtest to check all memory locations

    - 0003196: Remove unused DCACHE code

    - 0003197: Add check for MMU tabele corruption in USBD DMAdescriptor setup

    NBootVybrid - V15 (Released 2019-07-26)

    - 0003995: Add password protection option

    - 0003996: Add ECC check after startup

    - 0003997: Improve bootdevice detection

    - 0003994: Improve DDR initialization sequence


    - No changes

    linux-3.0.15-fsvybrid-V2.1.1 (15.10.2021) (relative to fsvybrid-V2.1)

    Supported Boards: armStoneA5 (incl. armStoneA5.2), PicoCOMA5 (incl. armStoneA5.2), NetDCUA5 (including NetDCUA5.2)

    - Add support for 4-wire-touch controller TSC2004

    - Add support for PicoCOMA5.2, NetDCUA5.2, armStoneA5.2

    - On armStoneA5, fix pendown state on local SX8655 touch

    linux-3.0.15-fsvybrid-V2.2.1 (21.10.2021) (relative to fsvybrid-V2.2)

    Supported Boards: armStoneA5 (incl. armStoneA5.2), PicoCOMA5 (incl. armStoneA5.2), NetDCUA5 (including NetDCUA5.2)

    - Revert uevent helper to /sbin/hotplug on cubea5_defconfig

    - On armStoneA5, fix pendown state on local SX8655 touch

    - Add support for 4-wire-touch controller TSC2004

    - Add support for PicoCOMA5.2, NetDCUA5.2, armStoneA5.2


    - No changes


    - No changes


    - No changes


    - No changes

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