Update Linux and rootfs on FSIMX8MP

  • Hello,

    I just startet working with the f&s StarterKit. I successfully builded image-files and now I wanted to try those, by updating the linux kernel / rootfs etc. on the board.

    I read about the update.src-Process, where UBoot is looking for this file and then perfoming the actuall update process defined in update.src.

    I now wanted to prepare an USB-Device containing the update.src and the builded images, but I can't find the information how to properly format the USB-Device. So any hint to the correct documentation about an update-process with self-compiled images would help me alot.

    We purchased the StarterKit quite a while ago. I am not sure which Version of the mx8mp-Chip I have. How can i find out which Version V2 or V4 and which Revision I have 100/110.

    Thanks and regards,

    Marcel Kummer.

  • I now read something about "Copy Individual Files From USB Stick to Local eMMC" but this chapter doesn't answer all my questions.

    Where can I find the Skript "create_partitions.sh", that F&S should provide?

    After following every step in "Linux on F&S Boards" 10.2 Yocto, I could build images. There are a couple of images generated, but they don't really match the images listed in "table 28 Resulting Files" (Sd card & uboot.nb0)

    The install.txt shown in "Linux on F&S boards" is completely different to the install.txt provided with the fsimx8mp-Y2021.07.2. So the installprocess differs too.

    All I want to do is, bring my compiled images to the board under fsimx8mp-Y2021.07.2, with the current docu it's not clear how to do so, please help.

  • Hello,

    did you check our How to Write SD Card Image document? It describes 3 ways to bring a sd card image to the board.

    Currently we don't support buildroot for PicoCoreMX8MP, so you can ignore all purlpe entries from table 3 of first steps document. The availalble install.txt script for F&S update functionality can be used as template to create your own update scirpt. An example you can find in "How to write SD card image" document on the page 4.

    Hope this helps.

    Your F&S Support Team

    F&S Elektronik Systeme GmbH
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