enable hardware acceleration on imx6 VPU with ffmpeg on a headless system (BUILDROOT)

  • I wand to accelerate video decoding via ffmpeg using the internel imx6 VPU on the efusA9X module. Currently ffmpeg is running on our headless system and does all decoding in software (CPU). But I want wo enable hardware acceleration using the internel VPU. Is there any detailed instructions how to achive this? I currently researched the following links:

    libimxvpuapi - frontend for i.MX hardware video codecs:


    i.MX 6Dual/6Quad VPU Application Programming Interface Linux Reference Manual:


  • I checked out the BUILDROOT symboles and noticed that the i.MX platform (imx6sl/imx6sx) ---> has only a GPU but no VPU. According [1], the i.MX 6SoloX Processor contains a Vivante GC400T GPU, which is not a VPU. Regarding this information, I configured the BUILDROOT system according [2] and the Linux Kernel according [3].





  • This case seems to be closed according [1] under the chapter "4.10 Multimedia (gstreamer support)" there is the statement that the efusA9X which is based on a imx6sx chip does not provide any hardware acceleration:


    Boards based on fsimx6sx do not have any hardware accelerated video or audio processing

    in gstreamer. Decoding or encoding can only be done in software.

  • Yes, the conclusion is correct, the i.MX6-Solo-X, which is the CPU on the efusA9X, does not have a VPU and thus there is no hardware acceleration for video decoding available.

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