New Buildroot Release fsimx6-B2022.10

  • F&S i.MX6 Linux Release B2022.10 (Buildroot-2021.02.10)

    This is a major release for fsimx6. fsimx6 is the software for all boards from F&S that are based on the i.MX6 Solo, DualLite, Dual or Quad CPU from NXP (or i.MX6 for short). Currently this consists of the boards efusA9, efusA9r2, armStoneA9, armStoneA9r2, armStoneA9r3, PicoMODA9, NetDCUA9, QBlissA9 and QBlissA9r2. More boards may be added to this family in the future. All these boards can work with software that is created from this release package.


    This is the main release itself containing all sources, the binary images, the documentation, examples and the toolchain.


    If you copy the contents of this archive to an SD card, you can install our precompiled standard system in a very straightforward and comfortable way on the board. The SD card archive is meant for people who just want to try a release first without having to download the quite large main archive. Its content is also contained in the main release archive, so if you want to download the main archive anyway, you don't need to bother with the SD card archive.

    These tar archives are compressed with bzip2. So to see the files, you first have to unpack the archives Code

    1. tar xvf fsimx6-Y2022.09.tar.bz2

    This will create a directory fsimx6-Y2022.09 that contains all the files of the release.

    Please read the file


    It describes the first steps when working with the board and gives references to further reading.

    Release Notes for fsimx6-B2022.10

    Here are some highlights of this release.

    1. Support for EfusA9r2 and ArmStoneA9r3

    Add support for the the new board versions, that features the rtl8211f ethernet phy.

    2. Update to Buildroot 2021.02.10

    Buildroot 2021.02 has many many updated packages, for example Qt-5.12.2, busybox-1.33.2, wayland 1.18, weston-imx 9.0 and imx-gstreamer-1.16.2. We actually use buildroot-2021.02.10, which is a newer version that already has some more fixes.


    The following list shows the most noticable changes in this release in more detail since our last regular i.MX6 release. Please note that the source code is also used for other platforms. This is why you will also find references to other CPU types and F&S boards here in the changelog.

    nbootimx6_50.bin (VN50) (19.10.2021)


    Supported Boards: armStoneA9, armStoneA9r2, armStoneA9r3, efusA9, efusA9r2, PicoMODA9, NetDCUA9, QBlissA9, QBlissA9r2

    NBoot for i.MX6 shares the source code with other i.MX6 CPU variants

    like i.MX6UL and i.MX6SX, therefore versions are counted



    • 0005164: [NBoot] Add support for new board efusA9r2


    • 0005263: [NBoot] nboot for eMMC does not start on PicoCoreMX6UL when fuses not set and SD card is inserted


    • 0005378: [NBoot] Add support for new boards efusA9Xr2, armStoneA9R3, armStoneA9r4, PicoCoreMX6SXr2


    • 0005541: [NBoot] NAND dump does not work
    • 0005540: [NBoot] Memory errors on armStoneA9
    • 0005542: [NBoot] Board revision is wrong on armStoneA9

    u-boot-2018.03-fsimx6-B2021.10.1 (19.10.2021)


    Supported Boards: armStoneA9, armStoneA9r2, armStoneA9r3, efusA9, efusA9r2, PicoMODA9, NetDCUA9, QBlissA9, QBlissA9r2

    • Fix DTS adaption to support backwards compatibility
    • Fix commands to create F&S Updater volumes in fsimx8mn
    • Add env import/export cmd
    • Correct boot from ubi environments to create F&S Updater volumes
    • Add support for efusA9r2
    • Add Ethernet support for efusA9r2
    • Improve phy realtek LED setup
    • Add rx delay support for RTL8211F
    • Change DACR to client access control to fix cache errors
    • Add support for command fsimage
    • Add support for picocoremx6ul100
    • Add configs FERT1.130 FERT2.130 FERT17.120 for fsimx8mm
    • Change DACR to client access control to fix cache errors
    • Add support for command fsimage
    • Add support for picocoremx6ul100
    • Improve mx6 mmc_get_env_dev/mmc_get_env_part
    • Improve setup of fs_board_get_boot_dev for fsimx6*/7ulp
    • Improve naming of target fsimx7ulp
    • Improve board name for PCoreMX8MM-FERT15.130.dts
    • Add config for PCoreMX8MM-FERT15.130
    • Add "is_usb_boot" function for platform fsimx6sx/ul
    • Improve is_usb_boot function for MX6 CPUs
    • Add GPU detection for fsimx6sx
    • Improve fsimx6 configuration u-boot size
    • Improve phy realtek LED setup
    • Improve cma setup for target fsimx7ulp
    • Improve rndis gadget configuration on platform fsimx7ulp
    • Add support for target fsimx7ulp
    • gcc-9: silence 'address-of-packed-member' warning
    • lib: errno: avoid error format-overflow
    • Backport new usb gadget driver from version v2019.01
    • Add new nboot config TBS2-FERT3
    • Fix fastboot for i.MX8
    • In mxs-nand-fus.c, set and use correctly
    • Fix bootcmd-fastboot override when booting from USB
    • Fix DTS adaption to support backwards compatibility for fsimx6sx/ul
    • Improve fsimx6sx to setup dynamic linux device tree
    • Add support for command fsimage_imx6 (fsimx6sx/ul)
    • Add support for same defconfig independent from boot device for fsimx6sx/ul
    • Add support for picocoremx6ul100
    • Fix fsimx7ulp reloction error
    • Set mac address in bdinfo for fsimx7ulp
    • Add picocoremx7ulp spi flash device support
    • Increaseth fsimx7ulp default CMA size
    • Improve imx7ulp reset cause handling
    • Improve imx7ulp bootaux command
    • Add N-boot History file for nboot-fsimx8mm-2021.04.1
    • Add PicoCoreMX8MMr2 support
    • Improve phy realtek LED setup
    • Add rx delay support for RTL8211F
    • Add Board-Configs for the PicoCoreMX8MMr2
    • Disable ethernet before booting linux for fsimx8mm
    • Disable phy CLKOUT for PicoCoremx8MMr2
    • Improve picocoremx8mmr2 device tree
    • Enable ALDPS mode and disable EEE LED indication
    • Move LED configuration of Realtek PHY to board_phy_config
    • Change ingress delay for KSZ9893R Ethernet switch on fsimx8mm/mn
    • Merge commit 'ed359a267' into fus-2018.03
    • Add armStoneA9r3 and armStoneA9r4 for updated fsimx6.c
    • Enable ALDPS mode and disable EEE LED indication
    • Move LED configuration of Realtek PHY to board_phy_config
    • Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master'
    • Fix board-cfg for PCoreMx8MM-FERT16 and FERT18

    linux-5.4.70-fsimx6-B2021.10.1 (19.10.2021)


    Supported Boards: armStoneA9, armStoneA9r2, armStoneA9r3, efusA9, efusA9r2, PicoMODA9, NetDCUA9, QBlissA9, QBlissA9r2

    • Enable adp-mipi2lvds1 for fsimx8mn
    • Enable USB Type-C for picocoremx8mn-lpddr4
    • Use panel-lvds driver for output of TC358775
    • Enable adp-mipi2rgb for fsimx8mn
    • Add tbs2 mipi2rgb device tree
    • Add new devicetree picocoremx8mm-ddr3l-lcdif-g050tan01.dts
    • Improve devicetree picocoremx8mm-ddr3l-lcdif-adp-mipi2rgb.dts
    • Improve lontium-lt9211.c bridge driver
    • Improve sec_mipi_dsim-imx.c driver
    • Improve panel-simple driver of drm/panel
    • Improve tsc200x-core touchscreen driver
    • Improve tsc200x-core touch driver
    • Add phy fixup for efusA9r2
    • Add support for efusA9r2
    • Add rx delay support for RTL8211F
    • Fix i2c frequency entry in device trees
    • Add support for TSC2004 on fsimx6ul
    • Add support for picocoremx6ul100 on architecture fsimx6ul
    • Improve support for picocoremx6ul revision 1.20
    • Add full device-tree support for PicoCOMA7
    • Add driver for lontium-lt9211 RGB2LVDS converter
    • Improve support for imx6ul-touchscreen controller
    • Add support for RTC PCF85263
    • Fix picocoremx6ul100 DTS
    • Fix picocoma7 device tree
    • Fix rtc-pfc856063 driver
    • Fix imx6sx/ul device tree pathes for backwards compatibility
    • Fix disabling of dma for a specific UART Port by DTS
    • Fix armv7 default cpu frequency governor
    • Improve fsimx6sx device trees for eMMC/GPU support
    • Improve gpc support for i.MX6SX
    • Add display support for Rongen T070QYH
    • Improve focaltech touch driver
    • Add rx delay support for RTL8211F
    • Improve target fsimx7ulp for kernel version 5.4.70
    • Improve imx7ulp.dtsi
    • Add support for EE0350ET-2CP on architecture fsimx7ulp
    • Improve atmel_mxt_ts touch driver - read size
    • Add support for mipi display EE0350ET-2CP for i.MX7ULP
    • Add support for tbs2 revision 1.20
    • Improve edt-ft5x06 touch driver
    • Add fsimx6sx/ul alias for gpmi/emmc/rpmsg
    • Correct the clock source for mclk0
    • In gpmi-nand-fus.c, set and use correctly
    • Merge commit '54f9f3642c1a00bbed02a4f4eba5773aae9a9265'
    • Fix SOC compatible entry for QBlissA9dl and QBlissA9r2q
    • Improve fbdev mipi_dsi_northwest driver
    • Improve the EE0350ET-2CP driver for fbdev
    • Improve picocoremx7up device tree
    • Fix backlight polarity for rgt070qyh-13cp
    • Use the right pcie driver for efusmx8x
    • Fix order of i2c devices for efusmx8x
    • Increase SPI clock slightly to ensure a clock bigger than 60MHz
    • Reduce entries in fsimx8x_defconfig
    • Fix device tree for fsimx8x
    • Add PCF85263 to fsimx8x
    • Set legacyfb_depth to 32 for fbdev emulation
    • Adjust device tree for efusmx8x
    • Add Novatek MIPI display for fsimx8x
    • Fix Device Tree entries for lvds regulators
    • Fix CMA and ADC nodes for fsimx8x
    • Use default timings for J070WVTC0211
    • Fix QuadSPI for fsimx8x
    • Fix efusMX8X for kernel 5.4.70
    • Add support for Marvel BT modules on fsimx8mm
    • Add rtl8211f phy led mode fixup via device tree
    • net: phy: realtek: Support SSC for the RTL8211F
    • Add PicoCoreMX8MMr2 support
    • Improve picocoremx8mm device tree layout
    • Improve picocoremx8mmr2 device tree
    • Improve realtek driver
    • Support more features for Realtek PHY
    • Fix compiler warnings for sgtl5000 node
    • Support ALDPS-Enable and CLKOUT-Disable for Realtek PHY
    • Move LED configuration for ETH-PHYs to device-trees
    • Support configuration of Auto-MDIX and LED Activity for dp83848
    • Add ssc support for rtl8211f
    • Add support for armStoneA9r3 and armStoneA9r4
    • Add TSC2004 support for fsimx6
    • Support more features for Realtek PHY
    • Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master'
    • Add missing GPIO1 (Pin 40) signal to picocoma7.dts

    buildroot-2021.02.2-fsimx6-B2021.10.1 (19.10.2021)


    Supported Boards: armStoneA9, armStoneA9r2, armStoneA9r3, efusA9, efusA9r2, PicoMODA9, NetDCUA9, QBlissA9, QBlissA9r2

    • Add support for efusA9r2
    • Add wlan regulatory.db to imx6/7 defonfigs
    • Add TSC2004 Touchscreen default calibration
    • Fix XWayland defconfigs
    • Update busybox defconfig to 1.33.2
    • Merge branch 'orig'
    • Original buildroot-2021.02.10
    • Merge tag 'fsimx6-B2020.04.1'
    • Add error handling for the install script with eMMC
    • Improve target fsimx7ulp
    • Add package fs-freertos-sample
    • Improve package touch-firmware
    • Add all possible f&s device trees for platform fsimx6sx/ul
    • Add building of emmc-sysimg for fsimx6sx/ul
    • Add fsimx6sx/ul Uboot building with Buildroot
    • Add xwayland defconfig for fsimx6sx/ul
    • Improve fsimx6sx/ul defconfigs
    • Improve package libdrm, wayland-protocols and weston
    • Improve dtb list recognition
    • Improve fsimx8mm install script
    • Add picocoremx8mmr2 device trees
    • Add armStoneA9r3 Devicetrees to building targets
    • Add TAC command package to BusyBox



    fs-toolchain-9.3-armv7ahf.tar.bz2 for Linux

    • Based on gcc-9.3
    • Support for C and C++
    • Includes glibc-2.33 (compiled for ARM code)
    • With binutils-2.36.1
    • Hardware floating point
    • Native Posix Thread Library (NPTL)
    • Full support for C++17 and OpenMP 4.5, partially OpenMP5.0
    • Experimental support for C++20
    • Experimental support for C2X



    - Update to version 4.2 of FSiMX6_FirstSteps_eng.pdf

    - Update to version 0.15 of LinuxOnFSBoards_eng.pdf

    Please download the hardware documentation and GPIO Reference Cards

    directly from our website. Then you always have the newest version.

    F&S Elektronik Systeme GmbH
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  • Tested with with armstoneA9r3 sample on our existing devices and got it working so far.

    (Tested: Ethernet / USB / I2C (Touchcontroller) / RGB / LVDS / Sound / UART / µSD)

    Hint: Please mind using the new devicetree files armstonea9r3.dts and relating !

  • Hello,

    Due to a modified touch IC, there is a new PCB version 1.2 of PicoModA9.

    My question about this:

    1. What is the exact specification of the new touch controller? In my announcement there only said: "TI TOUCH CONTROL IC. DRIVER".

    2. Is the new controller supported by the release 2022.10 and is the kernel able to recognize which touch controller is installed (keyword backward compatibility)?