Questions regarding Watchdog(s)

  • From time to time our EFUS boards reset during operation. The reason to these restarts according to the registry is the watchdog. Does the EFUS have separate watchdogs (hardware wdog and software wdog)?
    For testing puposes I tried to disable the hardware wdog via Eboot settings and the configuration is saved there. However according to the debug messages the hardware wdog is still active even with settings W0 inside Eboot. Is it not possible to disable the hardware wdog for the EFUS?
    Testing the wdog with the appropiate API (CreateWatchDogTimer(), ...) works too with setting W0 inside Eboot but as I said we are not sure if this API controls the same wdog or if there are 2 wdogs (hw and sw).

  • Hello,

    sorry eboot menu for watchdog is invalid. HW watchdog is always on when kernel is loaded from Flash.

    If kernel hangs or threads below priority 100 block for about 4s the HW watchdog fires.

    The API refers the WEC SW watchdog.

    Do you have threads running or adjust driver priorities below 100?

    Are there any additional serial debug information in case of watchdog reboot?

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  • Thank you for the information.
    We will investigate this further but do not have serial debug output at the moment because the resets occur very rarely. We don't adjust any driver priorities below 100 and only use threads with the defaul value for their priority.
    As soon as we get additional info we will contact you again.