i.MX8M-Plus Linux Pre-Release FreeRTOS-SDK-2.13.0

  • i.MX8M-Plus Linux Pre-Release FreeRTOS-SDK-2.13.0

    A new pre-release is available for fsimx8mp.

    It is based on the following components:

    freertos-sdk-2.13.0 for i.MX8MP

    Currently supported boards:

    - PicocoreMX8MP


    Please note that this is a pre-release, which is only meant for testing and not suitable for production!

    There may be huge changes to the software and the distribution method in the future.

    The pre-release gits may be deleted or replaced.

    Please report any bugs in this thread.


    Building the Pre-Release

    1. Download the virtual machine F_S_Development_Machine-Fedora_35_V1.0-pre.ova from My F&S Tools-Linux/VirtualMachines/Fedora35/ and import it to VirtualBox.

    2. Run git clone https://github.com/FSEmbedded/releases-fus-pre.git to download the pre-release. Go to releases-fus-pre/

    3. Run git checkout freertos-sdk-2.13.0-fsimx8mp-pre Go to fsimx8mp/FreeRTOS

    4. Run ./setup-freertos <BUILDIR_NAME> and go to <BUILDIR_NAME>/freertos-sdk-2.13.0-fsimx8mp-pre/

    5. Run ./prepare.sh to configure the build

    6. Run make -j4 to build all examples. The binaries can be found at output/bin/ for U-Boot and output/elf for linux.