i.MX93 Linux Pre-Release for Yocto 4.2 (Mickledore)

  • F&S i.MX93 Yocto Pre-Release 2024.03 (fsimx93-Y2024.03-pre)

    A new pre-release for fsimx93 is available.

    It is based on the following components:

    - Yocto 4.2 (Mickledore)

    - Linux 6.1.55

    - U-Boot 2023.04

    Currently supported boards:

    - PicoCoreMX93


    Please note that this is a pre-release, which is only meant for testing and not suitable for production!

    There may be huge changes to the software and the distribution method in the future.

    Please report any bugs in this thread.


    Building the Pre-Release

    1. Download the virtual machine F_S_Development_Machine-Fedora_36_V1.5.ova from My F&S Tools-Linux/VirtualMachines/Fedora36/64-bit (i.MX8)/ and import it to VirtualBox.

    2. Run git clone https://github.com/FSEmbedded/releases-fus.git to clone the repository. Go to releases-fus/

    3. Run git checkout fsimx93-Y2024.03-pre

    4. Run ./setup-yocto <BUILDIR_NAME> and go to <BUILDIR_NAME>/yocto-fus/

    5. Run DISTRO=fus-imx-wayland MACHINE=fsimx93 . fus-setup-release.sh

    6. Run bitbake fus-image-std


    The bootloader does not supported F&S nboot and based currently on NXP sturcture. Be careful to use other bootloader versions.

    Here are some highlights of this release.

    1. New Linux Kernel 6.1.55

    The Linux kernel is now based on 6.1.55

    - Fixes and performance optimizations for EXT4.

    - Significant performance optimizations for BTRFS.

    - Many graphics improvements.

    - Support for statx to report direct I/O alignment details.

    - Various Security improvments (Linux Security).

    - Various scheduler improvements.

    - Initial Rust infrastructure.


    Many other improvments.


    Of course there are also many changes for other CPU types (like x86) and other graphics cores (like AMD, Nvidia, Intel) but these are not of interest here.

    Based on NXP version lf-6.1.55-2.2.0

    2. New bootloader U-Boot 2023.04

    The U-Boot is now based on 2023.04.

    NXP version lf-6.1.55-2.2.0

    3. New Yocto version 4.2 Mickledore

    Updating Yocto to Version 4.2 Mickledore. This provides many new package

    versions. We have also updated the poky layer to version 4.2.4

    4. Improved Image versioning

    5. New Release concept over github

    We now provide our Linux gits over github at https://github.com/FSEmbedded. All release and pre-release states will be pushed here. For now, we will not push each single commit to github.

    Also the release sources are not added to the release tar anymore, but will be downloaded from github during the setup process.

    The versions of the different gits of a release can be looked up in the fs-release-manifest.xml file in the release tar directory.

    6. New Azurewave wlan driver

    Additional to the mainline SD-BT-8997 driver we now provide the NXP version. This driver supports additional security features, optimized. STA and AP modes and improved roaming.

    To activate the nxp mlan driver uncomment the respective lines in: recipes-kernel/kernel-modules/files/mxm-wifiex.conf Also comment out the line for the mainline mwifiex driver.

    Please note that bluetooth is currently not supported with the nxp-mlan driver. For Bluetooth please use the mainline driver.

    The following list shows the most noticeable changes in this release in more detail since our last release for this platform. Please note that the source code is also used for other platforms. This is why you will also find references to other CPU types and F&S boards here in the change log.

    u-boot-v2023.04-fs0.1-fsimx93-Y2024.03-pre ()

    Supported boards: PicoCoreMX93

    - arm:dts:imx93: Add a per clock for lpuart2

    - arm:mach-imx:imx9: Initialize lpuart2 root clock

    - Add board support for fsimx93

    - common: Impvore usb_storage for usb devices

    - Correct copyright message

    - Improve picocoremx93 device tree

    linux-v6.1.55-fs0.1-fsimx93-Y2024.03-pre ()

    Supported boards: PicoCoreMX93

    - arch:arm64:dts:freescale: Improve imx93.dtsi

    - clock: Improve binding clock definitions for imx93

    - arch:arm64:dts:f+s: Add device tree support for picocoremx93

    - char: Add bdinfo driver

    - rtc: Add rtc pcf85263 driver

    - leds: Add leds-pca963x-fus driver

    - spi: Improve spidev driver

    - input:touch:focaltech: Improve focaltech touch driver

    - Add support to use fsversion

    - gpu:drm:bridge: Add F+S version of sn65dsi84-dsi2lvds driver

    - arch:arm64:configs: Add default configuration for fsimx93

    - arch:arm64:dts:f+s:picocoremx93: enable epxp node

    - arch:arm64:dts:f+s: add picocoremx93-adp-lvds2lvds2-EE1010B1T-1CP

    - drivers:input:touchscreen:goodix: configure interrupt direction

    - dts:F+S:picocoremx93: complete BT070L1060CS0I1AD-A for ADP-LVDS2LVDS1

    meta-fus-mickledore-4.2.4-fs0.1-fsimx93-Y2024.04-pre ()

    Supported boards: PicoCoreMX93

    - Rework meta-fus structure

    Use meta-bsp and meta-sdk, add initial support for fsimx93

    - conf:machine:fsimx93: enable 2d acceleration

    - Improve linux-fus recipe for fsimx93

    atf-lf_v2.8 ()

    Supported boards: PicoCoreMX93

    - Use NXP version lf-6.1.55-2.2.0

    firmware-imx-8.22 ddr synopsys ()

    (no changes)


    (no changes)


    - Initial version 1.0 of FSiMX93_FirstSteps_eng.pdf

    - Update to version 0.20 of LinuxOnFSBoards_eng.pdf

    Please download the hardware documentation directly from our website.

    Then you always have the newest version.

    F&S Elektronik Systeme GmbH
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  • Hello,

    the pre release fsimx93-Y2024.03-pre is not affected by the sucurity vulnerability 'xz utils backdore' because xz version 5.4.4 is used.

    Your F&S Support Team

    F&S Elektronik Systeme GmbH
    As this is an international forum, please try to post in English.
    Da dies ein internationales Forum ist, bitten wir darum, Beiträge möglichst in Englisch zu verfassen.