Y2023.09: xwayland RDP problems with Chromium & and chromium-derived APPs (such as Electron)

  • Hi,

    We use PicoCoreMX8MP - NXP i.MX8M Plus & Y2023.09 (Yocto 4.0).

    We have compiled wayland with RDP support. When we connect with an RDP client it really works fine.

    The problem is when we launch our APP electron or the Chromium web browser. At that time many graphic frames on the screen freeze, the screen often does not redraw the content, neither via RDP nor on the local LDVS display. In addition, CPU consumption increases a lot. On the other hand if you do not do it with any Chromium application the CPU consumption is normal.

    For launch RDP, this is our weston.ini file:


    command=/usr/bin/weston --backend=rdp-backend.so --shell=fullscreen-shell.so --no-clients-resize --rdp-tls-cert=/etc/freerdp/keys/server.crt --rdp-tls-key=/etc/freerdp/keys/server.key


    Are you aware of this problem?

    Would you be able to guide us to solve it?

    Additional notes: We know that the problem is not RDP itself. The problem seems to be more with chromium

  • Hi,

    My board have 4 GB RAM.

    To reproduce the problem just open chromium and load a web, then connect via RDP. From the client interact with chromium and you will see how the screen refresh does not look good.