OS & Programs Loading time

  • Hello all,
    I've noticed a strange fact when loading WinCE and then my C# self-starting programs: the loading time is different even tough the devices use:
    -same kernel
    -same bootloader and firmware
    -similar production time of netDCU8 board (ver1.10)
    and of course, same programs loading!
    I can't understand WHAT can cause this difference, that sometimes can consist of 4-5 seconds of delay.
    I have under test 10 devices running simultaneasly
    Has someone experiencied already this thing?
    Thank you all,

  • Probably the flash memory is fragmented? Try to defragment FFSDISK (Control panel -> Storage manager) or even reformat it. Is the start time better now?


    H. Keller

    F&S Elektronik Systeme GmbH
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  • Yes! It did achieved a good improvement, maybe I had the flash memory sectors a bit scrambled up..
    I did only the scan & defrag on "part02", after unmounting partition 2. I can't defrag partition 0 and 1 (maybe because those are for OS and bootloader?)
    Thanks for the hint!