PicoMOD3 and PicoCOM1 forums available

  • Two new sub-forums for the PicoMOD3 and PicoCOM1 are now available. These brand-new boards will be officially presented at the "Embedded World" Fair 2008 in Nuremberg (Germany) from February 26th to 28th.

    The PicoMOD3 is our first board that supports USB2.0 HighSpeed connections. It has a 533 MHz ARM920T processor core, Ethernet, 4x UART, CAN 2.0, Audio, FS-Bus, Touch Panel, I2C, SPI, I/O ports and support for SD/MMC Cards and CF-Card. Therefore this is a high-end board with the small size of the PicoMOD1.

    The PicoMOD3 is available via our usual distribution channels.

    The PicoCOM1 builds the beginning of a completely new product family. With 40mm x 50mm it is only half the size of the PicoMOD and 1/4 the size of a NetDCU. This board is targeted to communication and control. It has a 210 MHz ARM926EJ processor core, Ethernet, 2x UART, 2x USB2.0 Host (FullSpeed), 1x USB2.0 Device (FullSpeed), I2C, SPI, I/O ports, Analog In, CAN2.0, Audio and support for SD/MMC Cards. Please note that this board does not have the common display interface like all our other boards. If you need a display, you can for example use any serial or 8 bit parallel text or semi-graphics display with it.

    The PicoCOM1 is exclusively available via our new Internet Shop (registration required).

    Best regards,

    H. Keller

    F&S Elektronik Systeme GmbH
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