• I'm experimenting with an ISAPI dll for the PicoCOM2. I have downloaded the ND9_ISAPI.zip file of this forum, but I can not open this project because I reveiver the following error:

    The project consists entirely of configurtions that require support fo platforms which are not installed on this machine. The project canno be loaded.

    I've tested the already builded release dll of this project and i works fine on the PicoCOM2. When I request the dll I receive the Hello World text in my Internet Explorer, so the PicoCOM2 HTTPD is set up correctly.
    I can create a ISAPI dll project with VS 6, but VS6 does not support the PicoCOM SDK. With VS2005 (supports PicoCOM2 SDK) creating ISAPI dll is not supported.
    Do you have a working VS2005 template/project for an ISAPI dll for the PicoCOM2, which I can open and edit by myself?

    Best regards,

    Denny Kluts

  • I get the same error message from VS as the person asking the initial question. Your answer may be helpful but unfortunately, I do not understand it:

    create an empty DLL Project and add the "ISAPI" - file(s) to your project!

    How do I do that using VS2008?

    OR download NetDCU9 SDK (<!-- m --><a class="postlink" href="http://www.fs-net.de/download/bin/">http://www.fs-net.de/download/bin/</a><!-- m -->) and add the PicoCOMx platform!

    And how do I do that for the PicoCom3?

  • Quote from "dhovden"

    create an empty DLL Project and add the "ISAPI" - file(s) to your project!

    I think it was meant to copy the soruce files (*.cpp, *.h, ...) of the NetDCU9 project to a newly created project.

    Main problem is that the sample mentioned above was primarily build for NetDCU9. It's a little tricky to add support for another platform (SDK) later. Therefore it often is faster to simply create a new project for your platform and copy the sources to this project. Of course you then need to included these exsiting files into your project.

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